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Out and About

We'd like to share you some of the things we consider 'must see's' and 'must do's' during your stay at Aum Villa in Ubud, Bali. There's so much culture, nature, art, food and loads of exotic experience, we hope you can tear yourself away from the poolside long enough to venture out and soak it up.

Festivals, Temple Celebrations, Holidays and Funerals: if you venture out, you're just not going to miss one or more of these. Bali has been hosting tourists from all over the world for almost 100 years; you're not going to make a seen so don't be afraid to stop and gawk.

Places to Visit: the Palace, the Monkey Forest, take ride out to see a volcano (climb one with a guide if your the adventure type and in good shape), make a couple of excursions to temples and don't be afraid to talk to the locals inside. Emerse yourself in amazing nature on a Bali Herbal Walk.

How to Shop: Take a walk around Ubud and duck into every boutique. But, do it more than once because you'll be shocked at how much you missed the first time around. If you see something you like in a market, check 2 or 3 places for prices THEN bargain with a laugh and a smile.

Where to Eat: Pizza Bagus 978-520, Kakiang Bakery, Siam Sally, La Cinta, The Three Monkeys, Tutmak 975-754, Kafe, Sari Organic, Cafe Batan Waru, Ibu Oka's Suckling Pig (don't judge until you've tried it) and the most affordable 'fresh' Indonisian food w/o MSG at Warung Pulau Kelapa. Please don't blame us for having to add an extra notch on your belt ;>). Clear Cafe for organic, raw food delights or go completely 'granola' at Bali Buddha Cafe. Japanese food at Kagemusha and Ryoshi. Best night out at Terazo Restaurant & Bar! Mozaic for fine dining - see website for internationally recognized awards.

What to experience: a evening of traditional Balinese dance and chants; these may be set up for tourists but you'll still feel the groove. Check for festivals and celebrations also, you may see performances in the middle of the street, at a restaurant or in a temple setting.

Art and Crafts and so little time: we can recommend silver at wholesale, our favorite carvers, painters and the like. Just let us know your interests and we can point you to a place to get started.

Rest and Relaxation: Spa, Massage, High tea and more.

For a general guide see the Bali wiki page.

Car with Driver / Rates as of July 2010
Made 085-238-195-283 (perfect English spoken), also brother Ketut 081-338-781-669
Made 081-338-795-489, gustitude@gmail.com

50,000 IDR per hour
300,000 IDR for 3 hours
400,000 IDR per day
150,000 IDR to airport

Motorcycle Rental: Wayan 081-805-583-130, delivery and pickup at Aum Villa, with helmets and insurance.

35,000 per day: one day
30,000 per day: for one week
25,000 per day: for one month

Nyoman's Collection: Made to Order Clothing 971-094

Yoga clothing at great prices: Lucky Family Antio: Made Ardi Owner: 087-862-230-890

Outside of Ubud: Dijon Food Specialities: Gourmet shopping in Bali

Mac's in Bali, Indonesia
Warning: Don't purchase here unless you spill Chai on your MacBookPro, Prices are HIGH!
Mac Store in Ubud & Denpasar: pcMax
Mac Store in Mal Bali Galeria, Kuta with best selection on the island: Infinite, 0361-758-551

Alcohol: Prices are high though out all of Bali. Though the island is Hindu, the country is Muslim, and alcohol prices reflect it. Carry in as much as possible at Duty Free prices. Example: a Mohito is USD 10 at any Bali Restaurant or Bar.







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